About Us

Founded in 2018, Stary Eyed is an online boutique specialising in unique jewellery, clothing, homeware and gifts. We have a passion for designing and handpicking beautiful pieces for our amazing community.
Our name, Stary Eyed is inspired by urban slang, where Stary means to "stay away from worry". It's important to us that our products and our brand influences our community and the wider world, positively. That's also why we are determined to ensure our collections are of high quality and made from sustainable, organic materials where possible.
The #BlurryEyedClub collection is for those days when you haven't quite caught enough beauty sleep! Whether you've been kept up all night by your newborn baby, or been dancing until the sun comes up - we wanted to create something to be worn in those moments, to lift your spirits and remind you that you're not alone. After all, you only live once, so let's make the most of all those precious moments that make life what it is.  
As a #SmallBusiness we are always incredibly grateful for you, our loyal customers.
Much love,